Finally, Your new favourite Workout scrunchie is here. During a workout, it is especially important to avoid friction between the hair when the ponytail is tightly secured. In that case, the elastic or polyurethane (telephone cord) rubber band can break the hair's surface.

The mini size is suitable for both thick and thin hair. Wrap three times around the braid to achieve a strong hold without breaking the hair.

The Hella Hair training scrunchie is made out of high-quality bamboo fabric, which is soft and has a texture similar to cashmere. During active movement, the hair is firmly and securely tied together.

Get ready to achieve new goals with your awesome braid now!

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Material: 70% bamboo, 25% cotton, 5% EA

Care: If your scrunchie is dirty, we recommend hand washing with lukewarm water. Gentle wash products may be used. For washing in the washing machine, we recommend using a laundry bag and a gentle washing program maximum of 30 degrees. Do not put the scrunchie into the dryer.